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March 13, 2020


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Let’s Change The World With Goodness

501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Join on the 3rd Annual Spread Goodness Day - March 13, 2020.

This event is to inspire a global day of simple goodness by encouraging individuals, schools & organizations to spread some goodness to show the explosive power that one act of goodness multiplied by hundreds, thousands, and maybe millions has to change the world every single day.

What do you do for Spread Goodness Day? Spread some goodness. To whoever you want, however you want and to whatever extreme you want. Celebrate goodness in your unique, do-gooder ways! Volunteer, buy a coffee, open a door or host your own event!

It is not about paying it forward.

It is not about service.

It is not about telling us, the internet or anyone at all.

It’s about Goodness in whatever way is natural to you.

The first year exploded with over 10,000 acts of goodness recorded throughout the world and the second year over 20,000 with thousands more unrecorded. (Psssst: You don’t have to record it for it to change the world)

It’s simple.

Let’s spread all the goodness and change the world together.

MORE GOODNESS: The goodness is so good when we do good together. Visit to learn about a fresh spread goodness challenge!

We are not affiliated organizations.


Goodest of thanks to our Sponsors!

With all levels of support, our sponsors gave us the opportunity to expand Spread Goodness Day into an international event and growing 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Major Sponsors


See more sponsors and learn more:

Click image to visit our GuideStar profile and view in-depth information on the non-profit status and transparency of Spread Goofness Day.

Click image to visit our GuideStar profile and view in-depth information on the non-profit status and transparency of Spread Goofness Day.

How it Began


Story of Spread Goodness Day

Around 2011, a good friend and I found ourselves in constant conversation about how we wanted to change the world.  We knew we wanted to make it better.  We knew we wanted to do something good. 

"I just want to spread goodness” is what we kept saying as we tried to figure out how we would do it.  

We wanted something that would allow everyone to do good however they can, wherever they can. 

It was spring of 2017 when the idea of Spread Goodness Day began to take shape.  The plan was to create a day that individuals, businesses, and schools committed to doing one good thing, celebrating goodness explosively together. A day that proves that one action, multiplied by hundreds, thousands and maybe millions, can and always will, change the world.

On October 28, 2017, we excitedly launched the marketing platforms for the first ever Spread Goodness Day. After months of work and years of brainstorming, We were ready to change the world with Goodness!

On November 16, 2017 everything changed. Our founder, Anna, collapsed to the ground from a serious stroke that nearly took her life, voice, body and project. With the help of amazing friends and team who really "gets it", the first year was overwhelmingly successful, without even considering the loss of capabilities, and the second year more than doubled! To be able to continue with Spread Goodness Day in recovery has brought unbelievable healing and happiness. Thank you all for the goodness and support!


To create an explosive atmosphere of empowerment worldwide that the simplest acts of goodness change the world every single day.


To see individuals, organizations and schools creating and cultivating their own Spread Goodness Day events and actions on the second Friday of March annually.

March 13, 2020


+ To spread goodness, plain and simple. 
If one person takes one action of goodness, we have succeeded.

+ Engage schools and students organizations worldwide

+ FUTURE: Supporting grassroots non-profits that help people “survive with goodness” through sponsoring their fundraising events.


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