Let's Change The World With Goodness

Hi, I'm Anna. Founder of Spread Goodness Day. On October 28, 2017, I excitedly launched my marketing platforms for the first ever Spread Goodness Day. After months of work and years of brainstorming, I was ready to change the world with Goodness! On November 16, 2017, the world stopped. I had a very serious stroke that nearly took my life, voice, body and my project. With the help of amazing friends and people who really "get it", the first year was overwhelmingly successful without even considering the loss of time and my capabilities. My heart exploded with love.

This event became so much more to me than just a project. Every day that I'm able to move forward with it and see the goodness spilling out into the world is a day that I feel stronger and happier. Every smile this project has brought is one more amazing moment of healing to me. Every time I see someone walking around with my sunglasses on, I smile ear to ear.

I'm going to keep fighting to recover. You keep spreading goodness! I can't wait for March 15! ☀️😎

Anna Dravland